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USD 1000.0 - 1300.0
We are engaged in the production and sale of high quality polypropylene bags made of raw material. Name: Polypropylene bag Sizes: 55 * 105 cm, 48 * 95 cm, 45 * 80 cm and other sizes on request Capacity: 20kg to 60kg Color: White with / without stripes Purpose: for building materials, cereals, vegetables, grains, sugar, etc. The price is approved at the time of order Design to be discussed (stripes in the middle, on the sides, etc.)
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أكياس, التعبئة والتغليف والحقائب والتسميات, التغليف والحاويات قرغيزستان, Baityk Baatyra 17/2b, 18

BI-NEVR LLC, we are engaged in the production of polypropylene bags. We do our job efficiently and in an organized manner. We take orders of any size and design.

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