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USD 1370.0/шт 1370.0
An excellent set of 6 pieces of decorative honeycomb shelves for your home. The nature itself has created a unique pattern on this expensive purebred wood - solid ash. Each line is unique, the texture speaks of the life of this resistant tree. One of the hardest unchangeable breeds. All the power of the tree is absorbed in these hexagons. and we allow this piece of nature to be brought into the house! An excellent wall decoration instead of the pictures we are used to. Solid ash, natural oil 2 shelves 23x20x4.7 cm (WxHxD) 2 shelves 18x16 4x4.7 cm 2 shelves measuring 13.8x12x4.7 cm
USD 2200.0/шт 2200.0
An incredible composition of shelves in the form of honeycombs, made of real purebred solid oak, will decorate and make stylish any wall in the house, from a living room with a study, to a kitchen and even an office. Damn good wall decor instead of paintings and other wall decorations. With such a great solution to functional decoration, the room already plays with its own charm. All the beauty of expensive wood species is visible in the texture of oak. Not only for yourself, but also as a gift "for those who have everything", an excellent solution will be Material: solid oak Dimensions: 2 shelves: 20cm * 20cm * 4cm 2 shelves: 15.5cm * 15.5cm * 4cm 2 shelves: 11cm * 11cm * 4cm
USD 2680.0/шт 2680.0
Eco-shelves made of real solid pine, covered with wear-resistant yellow and anthracite enamel, under which the texture of wood is visible, make the wall in the interior incredibly stylish. Very sturdy and sturdy shelves! Withstands weight up to 15 kg. You can hang the shelves in a different order, as you like. Perfectly finished shelves imitate honeycombs of bees, and also perfectly fit into the current realities of life in the design of an apartment and house, creating that coziness and atmosphere that we want to see so much when we come to our home. Specifications: Material: solid pine 2 shelves with dimensions 33x38 cm 2 shelves measuring 27.5x32 cm 2 shelves with dimensions 21.5x25 cm Depth: 7 cm
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Manufacture and sale of furniture products. honeycomb shelves, pedestals. upon request, you can create a batch based on your sketches. Furniture fittings, handles exclusive

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