LLC "As-Tong"

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LLC "As-Tong"
Андижан, أوزبكستان
USD 0.9/шт 0.9
Крупная швейная фабрика трикотажных изделий. Более 10 лет на Российском рынке. Склад в Москве. Принимаем прямые заказы на изготовление крупных партии.
LLC "As-Tong"
Андижан, أوزبكستان
USD 1.0 - 3.1/шт
100% хлопок, 110-160 гр.
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تريكو الأطفال, الملابس في سن المراهقة, ملابس نسائية, ملابس نسائية منزلية, تريكو المرأة, اقمصة, القمصان والقمصان للنساء, ملابس رجالية, تي شيرت  الرجال, الرجال تريكو, المنسوجات, تريكو أوزبكستان, Андижан, ул. Дориломон

Limited Liability Company "MIN MAX LUXE TEXTILE" was established in 2010. The factory is located on 2.2 hectares of land. Today MIN MAX LUXE TEXTILE LLC is one of the leading factories in the textile industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The factory employs 780 people. Of these, 511 are seamstresses. The company has an impeccable reputation not only for the quality of its products, but also as a social guarantor of the stability of its employees. The factory is equipped with the latest modifications of American, German, South Korean, Japanese, Turkish and Chinese manufacturers of equipment for the textile industry. The production capacity of the enterprise is more than 2,500.0 thousand knitwear per year. The knitting production is equipped with the latest technological equipment "Mayer" (Germany). A team of the best designers, constructors and technologists are united in an experimental workshop where modern models are created using creative ideas and current fashion trends.

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