National Priorities LLC

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We sell fuel pellets from sunflower husk, pellet diameter - 8mm, ash content 3%. Packing in big bags and in bulk.
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التوابل والبهارات, التوابل والأعشاب, منتجات البقالة, فاصوليا, إنتاج المحاصيل, حبيبات, ماشية روسيا, 429565, Чувашская Республика - Чувашия, Мариинско-Посадский р-н, д Вурманкасы, ул Журавлева, двлд. 4

The National Priorities Group of Companies is a Russian trading company engaged in the sale of agricultural products, in particular, oilseeds. The main assortment consists of oilseeds with a purity of 98-99,95%, as well as mustard, safflower, ginger and other oilseeds. Other products that are also supplied are wheat, barley, rapeseed, peas, feed yeast, protein feed mixes, protein-mineral vitamin supplements, premixes. We supply products only from carefully selected manufacturers, so it meets the needs of the most demanding customers. Thanks to the knowledge, experience and high professionalism of our team of specialists, the shipment of products is achieved in the shortest possible time.

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