LLC "RTF" - natural nut paste

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Wholesale supply of protein bars is carried out by showboxes, the minimum delivery quantity is 9 showboxes of bars of any kind. One showbox contains 24 bars.
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منتجات البقالة, حلويات, معجون البندق, أكل طبيعى, غذاء رياضي روسيا, Россия, 658130, Алтайский край, г. Алейск, ул. Путейская, 23

Our address: Russia, 658130, Altai Territory, Aleysk, st. Puteyskaya, 2 We release products under the PUMP UP brand. Production is located in the Altai Territory, wholesale warehouses in Barnaul and Moscow. We manufacture natural nut butters and protein bars in a variety of flavors, using only wholesome ingredients. Our tasty and nutritious products are suitable for the daily diet of adults and young athletes. The range of products that are natural and honest in their composition is constantly replenished and updated. Today it consists of 8 types of nut butters and 9 types of protein bars. We love what we do and want nut butters and protein bars to be a familiar dessert not only among athletes and healthy lifestyle supporters, but also among ordinary consumers. PUMP UP is confident that everyone needs quality and safe products. Send us a request by mail and we will send you samples of PUMP UP products at our own expense.

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