Sale of nitrile gloves

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USD 7.61 - 12.18/шт
Nitrile disposable gloves with a texture of black and blue. Protect hands from the effects of aggressive media and solutions, are used in medicine, during repairs, house cleaning, washing, cooking, preferred for use by masters of manicure, depilation and beauticians. The inner surface of the gloves is powder-free, which reduces the risk of dermatitis. Nitrile gloves are highly elastic and durable. High coefficient of resistance to tears and punctures, mechanical damage. They are easy to put on, comfortable and have a very high tactile sensitivity. Disposable nitrile gloves are suitable for touchscreen applications. Nitrile gloves are sold in bulk to any regions of Russia. Available in black and blue. All sizes. The cost of packaging is from 499 rubles. Delivery is carried out in any convenient way.
USD 6.86/шт 6.86
Wholesale medical nitrile gloves are on sale. suitable both for work in medical institutions and for the beauty industry. the total price is 450 rubles for a pack of 100 pieces, for large orders there is a reduction in the price. delivery to any region in the most convenient way for you.
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طب, اللوازم الطبية, القفازات الطبية روسيا, Москва

Wholesale of nitrile medical gloves. Available in blue and black colors of different sizes delivery to any city in the most convenient way for you.

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