Proof of Care

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Proof of Care
Алматы, كازاخستان
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Firetag is the most realistic simulation of combat action in existence Subscribe and watch: #firetag_game Firetag differs from combat interaction only in that instead of a bullet, an infrared pulse hits the target. All other elements of a real weapon are preserved - imitation of a shot, recoil, ejection of a cartridge case, the amount of ammunition limited by the actual size of magazines. The defeat of the enemy occurs similarly to laser tag - the emitter attached to the weapon forms a beam, the purpose of which is to activate the sensors attached to the target, leading to the shutdown of the enemy equipment. As a base for the emitter, a former military weapon is used, brought to the standards of a chilled one - unable to fire shots, but only imitate them. This achieves an unprecedented level of realism. Available 10 sets and equipment.
Proof of Care
Алматы, كازاخستان
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Production of motion pictures Set designer Props artist Casting manager Pyrotechnics - professionals in staging film physical effects, working with various equipment and weapon layouts.
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معدات لاستوديوهات السينما, معدات للملاهي, الألعاب النارية، ألعاب نارية كازاخستان, Алматы, Аль-Фараби 176


ArtelcinemA (IP "Proof of Care") - professionals in staging filming physical special effects, working with various equipment and weapon layouts.

motion picture production




props artist

Casting manager

Professional Pyrotechnics

in film production

physical effects,

work with various equipment

and weapon layouts.


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