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We will make accessories for your business, such as: napkin holders, business card holders, dish coasters, serving boards and much more! (With or without epoxy)
USD 10.0 - 200.0/шт
Stylish modern loft-style floor LED floor lamps, lamps, chandeliers, lamps, bedside lamps that will fit into any design. Perfect for an apartment, garden of a private house, office, beauty salon, tattoo parlor, bar, hookah and other premises. Our lamps can be used in absolutely any design project. You will not find such quality and durability in IKEA or Epicenter. We make from natural wood (pine, beech, oak, ash, walnut). For any size The price depends on the size, shape and type of wood. Other color variations of the LED strip are possible.
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Hello, the RichWood company welcomes you. We offer favorable conditions for wholesalers who want to buy floor lamps, chandeliers, night lamps, lamps, with delivery in Ukraine. Our product is: * chandeliers, floor lamps, lamps, bedside lamps made of natural wood / metal, tables made of natural wood and epoxy resin * low prices * minimum bulk order - from 5 pcs * possibility to order delivery in Ukraine * maximum prescribed characteristics for each chandelier ... High-quality photographs and a detailed description of the lamps will help you quickly place an order and arrange delivery of only popular goods that will definitely be sold in your stores

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