Laser markers Stellar Mark IF STELLAR MARK IF
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Stellar Mark IF series is a new laser marker from GCC based on ultra-durable fiber laser emitter SPI Lasers (UK). Designed for surface marking, deep engraving and even cutting metals and alloys up to 0.5mm thick. Thanks to the fine adjustment of the power, it is possible to color-code stainless steel. The Stellar Mark IF-20 is a compact desktop laser system that provides reliable, trouble-free operation with virtually no maintenance. The undoubted advantage of this laser complex is the low power consumption of the installation. The new type of laser source will make it possible to do without water cooling, which will significantly save the enterprise. The complex is controlled from the graphic package G-Soft Library. Here you can not only send files for execution by setting laser marker parameters, it is also a full-fledged vector editor, similar to CorelDraw. You can work with lines, regular and graphic text, objects, fill and so on. You can scale objects, move them, copy and combine. Additional programs are built in here, such as sequential numbering, barcode and barcode. In a word, there is everything you need here, whether it is an advertising and production or a souvenir workshop, or it will be an industrial enterprise with its own range of specific tasks. A wide range of metals and alloys can be processed, including steel, titanium, silver, gold, brass, copper, aluminum, painted metals, anodized aluminum, Alumamark, plastics, rubber, semiconductors, silicon wafers, some types of precious and ornamental stones, security films for Tesa and 3M lasers. The laser marker can successfully work in such areas as: Jewelry Engraving of advertising and souvenir products Engraving mobile phones and accessories Marking of tools, bearings, machine parts, mechanisms Automotive industry - security markings, dashboard decoration, marking of car parts Labeling of medical instruments and devices Labeling of microcircuits, processors, printed circuit boards, parts, manufacturing of warranty stickers
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