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USD 603.55/шт 603.55
Guillotine (or guillotine shears) is a machine designed for cutting sheet metals and plastics of various thicknesses. One of the advantages of this equipment is a fairly high level of cutting accuracy. The use of a guillotine allows achieving high cutting accuracy without any nicks and dents. In addition, the equipment ensures complete safety of the polymer coating without damaging it. Cutting is carried out both in the transverse and longitudinal directions. It is possible to process plastic and metal parts in square, round or corner shapes. This type of machine is widely used in the conditions of various industries, both individual and serial scale. We present to your attention the MT9385 guillotine - a convenient and reliable equipment that performs high-quality cutting of metals up to 1 mm thick and plastics up to 1.5-2 mm thick. This is a desktop equipment with a cutting width of 300 mm. Among other design features: The presence of two points of support, due to which a uniform load on the knife is achieved, ensures the durability of the machine. Equipped with measuring rulers and a clamp that allows you to carry out a straight cut without distortion of dimensions - even for wide sheets. Convenient and reliable tabletop model of the guillotine. Cutting width 300 mm. Cutting metals up to 1 mm, plastics up to 1.5 mm Design features: It has 2 points of support, hence the uniform load on the knife and the durability of the machine. Latch, allows you to make an even cut even on wide sheets without distorting the dimensions. Rulers.
USD 369.23 - 454.44/шт
Thermo-wire (thermo-bending machine or thermal designer) is a special equipment for bending plastic sheets, acrylics, PET, etc. This machine is an indispensable device for advertising agencies and mini-factories engaged in the production of advertising materials, as well as various products for the sales and service sector. Teormostruna is successfully used for bending a variety of plastics, including: acrylic, plexiglass, PVC, PP, PS, PET and other types. The machine allows you to get products of almost any shape, for example: stands for goods, price tags, menus, lottery machines, POS materials, etc. Currently, the TC800 / 2 machine is popular on the market. This is a model of a table thermostring with a working width of 800 mm, complete with a reliable transformer and two working tungsten strings. The machine also provides a mobile adjustable table, there is a device for clamping workpieces. TC800 / 2 successfully handles sheet metal bending procedures such as acrylic and double-layer plastics up to 8 mm thick. Thermostatic wire TC800 / 2 table model. Working width 800 mm. Bending sheet materials such as acrylic and double-layer plastic up to 8 mm thick. 2 working tungsten strings, Clamping device for workpieces, < li> Mobile customizable table Reliable transformer
USD 21017.75 - 23431.95/шт
The GSL laser marker is designed for laser marking and cutting of materials. This is a compact tabletop model. The laser setup is based on an ultra-reliable ytterbium fiber laser emitter that does not require maintenance and ensures long-term uninterrupted operation of the complex. The newest Scancube closed laser positioning system ensures high accuracy and quality when marking products. The laser marker is controlled by the powerful Scaps graphics complex, which allows you to perform any design tasks. Among the advantages of the machine, one should also note the rigid structure of the table, air cooling of the laser and low power consumption. A wide range of metals and alloys can be processed, including steel, titanium, silver, gold, brass, copper, aluminum, painted metals, anodized aluminum, Alumamark, plastics, rubber, semiconductors, silicon wafers, some types of precious and semi-precious stones, security films for Tesa and 3M lasers. The laser marker can successfully work in such areas as: Jewelry Engraving of advertising and souvenir products Engraving of mobile phones and accessories Marking of tools, bearings, machine tool parts, mechanisms Automotive industry - protective marking, dashboard decoration, car parts marking Medical instrument marking and devices Marking of microcircuits, processors, printed circuit boards, parts, manufacturing of warranty stickers
USD 6.53/шт 6.53
Compressor for blowing the processing area for a laser machine. The main purpose is to eliminate smoke from the laser path, combustion products from the cutting / engraving area, prevent material from burning and protect the focusing lens from soot.
USD 134.91 - 511.24/шт
Needle tables are a great alternative to GCC branded tables. The advantage of these tables lies in their design, which eliminates the possibility of serifs on the back of the workpiece due to beam reflection.
USD 20700.0/шт 20700.0
The VersaUV LEF printer applies text, photographs, logos and other subjects by direct printing onto objects up to 10 cm thick: gadgets, gift items, prototypes, industrial blanks, electronic devices. The LEF printer will quickly transform familiar objects into unique, personalized products - at a favorable cost price. The range of compatible materials is almost endless: PET, ABS, polycarbonate, TPU, leather, textiles, etc. ECO-UV ink ECO-UV ink provides high print density with a wide color gamut. The composition dries instantly, forming a flexible paint film that does not crack when the material is bent and stretched. Delivery form - 220 ml cartridges: CMYK + white + glossy varnish. Roland DG recommends an air filtration system for this ink. Basic and Industrial Models The LEF-20 industrial printer is larger and faster than the LEF-12. The printable area for it is 508 x 308 mm, which is double that of the base model. The new LED moving source further improves printer productivity: print speeds for CMYK, white and transparent inks are significantly faster. Special colors The LEF series printers work with CMYK inks as well as white and transparent formulations. White ink provides high quality prints on colored and transparent objects. It can be used as an opaque opaque base that enhances the brightness of other colors. Clear ink designed for matte, glossy and embossed effects. Simplicity and energy efficiency The LEF printer is simple from operation, does not require heating or cooling between orders. The built-in LED source features an extremely long service life with low power consumption. A protective cover and screen prevent dust from entering the product during printing.
USD 15000.0/шт 15000.0
Use the VersaUV LEF-12 to print text, photographs, logos, or other design projects directly onto objects up to 10 cm thick. Examples of such objects are gadgets, merchandise, and prototypes. The LEF-12 is a desktop UV printer that uses CMYK color profile, white ink and varnish. Use varnish for a glossy or matte finish and for textures. Built-in LED lamps ensure fast ink drying. Personalize items LEF-12 is a LED UV printer that prints on objects with a maximum height of 10 cm. The machine is equipped with a flat table , on which you can place the printed materials using a special frame and an adhesive sheet. The table automatically adjusts to the height of the subject, allowing you to print on uneven objects. Instant dry ink The LEF-12 printer uses Roland DG's Eco-UV ink. The ink is available in four colors: CMYK, white and varnish. White ink provides superior printing on colored and transparent objects. You can also use this ink as a base for vibrant colors. Transparent ink allows for special effects including matte or glossy surfaces and textures. Software included LEF-12 printer comes with Versa Works, RIP software from Roland DG. The software supports two printing modes. Standard print mode is ideal for printing fine details. The remote mode has been specially designed for printing on embossed objects.
USD 42000.0/шт 42000.0
Environmentally friendly Environmentally friendly emitting LEDs with long lifespan and low energy consumption Environmentally friendly printing that produces almost no organic vapor A2 size and thickness 150mm Width 610mm Printable on A2 materials Large width increases print speed by 1.3 times Maximum material thickness 150mm High print quality < br> 50% improved print accuracy Minimum drop size 4 pkL Maximum print resolution 1800 x 1800 dpi Stunning and accurate image quality Easy maintenance Multiple maintenance systems Clogged Nozzle Replacement System White Ink Circulation System Ink Mist Absorbing Fan Improved Print Quality Reduced Ink Mist, which will be generated when printing on bulky workpieces Simultaneous Printing in 2 layers Not available print using 6-color scheme Reverse printing Print CMYK on White or White on CMYK without loss of speed Available with ink configuration 4 colors + white
USD 27500.0/шт 27500.0
Mimaki has developed an updated version of the UJF-3042MkII UV printer with higher productivity, higher accuracy and improved print quality to meet the needs of the dynamic advertising market worldwide. The new line of printers boasts 20 % increased print speed, increased maximum thickness (height) of printed products (up to 153 mm), improved print quality using variable drop technology.
USD 16000.0/шт 16000.0
The UJF-3042FX provides an opportunity to enter new promising markets with a large volume of proposals. Compact design saves space. Low cost (UV LEDs can be included in the annual service). Easy installation and operation Printer power supply - 220 V (1.5 A) Printheads with variable drop technology, allow you to get excellent quality images with a maximum resolution of 1440x1200 dpi. Maximum print size 300 x 420 mm. Maximum material thickness up to 50 mm (UJF-3042FX). Print on more materials, including heat-sensitive materials. High productivity / fast installation; no time for ink drying, instant on and off the printer. Low power consumption (less than 0.5 kW). Long life of UV LEDs (5 times longer than conventional UV lamps) White ink for printing on transparent or colored surfaces Varnish for the final gloss. Vacuum system for fixing the material
USD 37000.0 - 44000.0/шт
GCC launches solid state fiber laser engraving machines with flatbed laser engraving machines. The engraving machine represents a fundamentally new type of engraving equipment, which is designed for marking metal products such as stainless steel, copper, aluminum, titanium, zinc, iron, and silver. The original idea led to the creation of a laser complex that surpasses traditional markers on scanning optics. The productivity of such lasers increases several times in the manufacture of large batches of products. New professional equipment is replacing solid-state lasers on scanners with a small working field. The S290 solid-state laser engraver is based on the well-known Spirit model, and combines the quality and reliability of mechanics and electronics, combined with the latest emitter based on a solid-state ytterbium fiber laser. Thanks to this emitter, laser machines allow you to make color engraving on stainless steel. A large working area makes it possible to install a batch of products, which allows you to significantly increase the productivity of the machine, by reducing the time that is spent on installing each product.
USD 35000.0/шт 35000.0
Stellar Mark IF series is a new laser marker from GCC based on ultra-durable fiber laser emitter SPI Lasers (UK). Designed for surface marking, deep engraving and even cutting metals and alloys up to 0.5mm thick. Thanks to the fine adjustment of the power, it is possible to color-code stainless steel. The Stellar Mark IF-20 is a compact desktop laser system that provides reliable, trouble-free operation with virtually no maintenance. The undoubted advantage of this laser complex is the low power consumption of the installation. The new type of laser source will make it possible to do without water cooling, which will significantly save the enterprise. The complex is controlled from the graphic package G-Soft Library. Here you can not only send files for execution by setting laser marker parameters, it is also a full-fledged vector editor, similar to CorelDraw. You can work with lines, regular and graphic text, objects, fill and so on. You can scale objects, move them, copy and combine. Additional programs are built in here, such as sequential numbering, barcode and barcode. In a word, there is everything you need here, whether it is an advertising and production or a souvenir workshop, or it will be an industrial enterprise with its own range of specific tasks. A wide range of metals and alloys can be processed, including steel, titanium, silver, gold, brass, copper, aluminum, painted metals, anodized aluminum, Alumamark, plastics, rubber, semiconductors, silicon wafers, some types of precious and ornamental stones, security films for Tesa and 3M lasers. The laser marker can successfully work in such areas as: Jewelry Engraving of advertising and souvenir products Engraving mobile phones and accessories Marking of tools, bearings, machine parts, mechanisms Automotive industry - security markings, dashboard decoration, marking of car parts Labeling of medical instruments and devices Labeling of microcircuits, processors, printed circuit boards, parts, manufacturing of warranty stickers
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