Roland Versa UV LEF-20 printers
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The VersaUV LEF printer applies text, photographs, logos and other subjects by direct printing onto objects up to 10 cm thick: gadgets, gift items, prototypes, industrial blanks, electronic devices. The LEF printer will quickly transform familiar objects into unique, personalized products - at a favorable cost price. The range of compatible materials is almost endless: PET, ABS, polycarbonate, TPU, leather, textiles, etc. ECO-UV ink ECO-UV ink provides high print density with a wide color gamut. The composition dries instantly, forming a flexible paint film that does not crack when the material is bent and stretched. Delivery form - 220 ml cartridges: CMYK + white + glossy varnish. Roland DG recommends an air filtration system for this ink. Basic and Industrial Models The LEF-20 industrial printer is larger and faster than the LEF-12. The printable area for it is 508 x 308 mm, which is double that of the base model. The new LED moving source further improves printer productivity: print speeds for CMYK, white and transparent inks are significantly faster. Special colors The LEF series printers work with CMYK inks as well as white and transparent formulations. White ink provides high quality prints on colored and transparent objects. It can be used as an opaque opaque base that enhances the brightness of other colors. Clear ink designed for matte, glossy and embossed effects. Simplicity and energy efficiency The LEF printer is simple from operation, does not require heating or cooling between orders. The built-in LED source features an extremely long service life with low power consumption. A protective cover and screen prevent dust from entering the product during printing.
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Roland Versa UV LEF-20 printers - 13805

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