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CAS No.: 77-929Other Names: Citric Acid MonoMF: C6H8O7EINECS No.: 201-069-1FEMA No.: N/MPlace of Origin: Thailand, BangkokType: Flavoring AgentsBrand Name: EnsignProduct name: citric acid monohydrateAppearance: Colourless or White crystalline powderGrade: Food GardeCertification: HALAL ISO KOSHERBrand: EnsignApplication: DrinksShelf Life: 2 YearsForm: Powder FormPackage: 25 Kg/bagHs code: 2918140000
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Classification: AlcoholCAS No.: 64-17-5Other Names: Ethyl AlcoholMF: C2H6OEINECS No.: 200-578-6Place of Origin: ThailandGrade Standard: Food Grade, Industrial Grade, Medicine GradePurity: 99.9% min.Appearance: colorless transparent liquidApplication: ChemicalBrand Name: Fengda
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Classification: AlcoholCAS No.: 67-63-0Other Names: 2-Propanol; Isopropyl alcohol; IPAMF: (CH3)2CHOHEINECS No.: 200-661-7Place of Origin: Bangkok, ThailandGrade Standard: Food Grade, Industrial Grade, Medicine GradePurity: 99.9%, 99.95%min Isopropyl alcoholAppearance: Colorless Transparent LiquidApplication: Industry, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical,etcBrand Name: M&JMolar mass: 60.10 gmol1Density: 0.786 g/cm3 (20 °C)Boiling point: 82.6 °C (180.7 °F; 355.8 K)UN NO: 1219
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CAS No.: 141-78-6Other Names: acetic ether/EACMF: C4H8O2EINECS No.: 205-500-4Place of Origin: Bangkok, ThailandGrade Standard: Industrial Grade, Industrial GradePurity: 99.9%minAppearance: liquid, Colorless Transparent LiquidApplication: SolventBrand Name: XRModel Number: 99.9%minRelative Density: 0.9003Flash point: 4°CMolar mass: 88.11Boiling Point: 76.5-77.5 °C(lit.)Product name: Ethyl AcetateRefractive index(20°: 1.3723Dipole moment: 1.78Melting Point: -83.6°C
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   It has a strong, pungent and unique taste with an intense aroma. Its two varieties are very widely used.  Cardamom has a distinct aroma and is used to enhance the flavor of the dishes.
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We strive to be the liaison between the chemical raw materials producers in the European Union and their customers in the Middle East and North America.

We focus on supplying high quality raw materials:

  • manufacturers of paints, resins, adhesives and rubber, polyurethane,
  • pharmaceuticals, wood and paper products.

Our global network of manufacturing and commercial facilities allows TCC to easily engage with industry players and deliver superior results.

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