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TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 3090 buffed-up design with chart-topping thermal performance. NVIDIA Ampere Streaming Multiprocessors: The building blocks for the world’s fastest, most efficient GPU, the all-new Ampere SM brings 2X the FP32 throughput and improved power efficiency. 2nd Generation RT Cores: Experience 2X the throughput of 1st gen RT Cores, plus concurrent RT and shading for a whole new level of ray tracing performance. 3rd Generation Tensor Cores: Get up to 2X the throughput with structural sparsity and advanced AI algorithms such as DLSS. Now with support for up to 8K resolution, these cores deliver a massive boost in game performance and all-new AI capabilities. Axial-tech Fan Design has been newly tuned with a reversed central fan direction for less turbulence. Dual Ball Fan Bearings can last up to twice as long as sleeve bearing designs. Military-grade Capacitors and other TUF components enhance durability and performance. GPU Tweak II provides intuitive performance tweaking, thermal controls, and system monitoring.
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Graphite, Gold, Silver, Sierra Blue Ceramic Shield frontTextured matte glass back andstainless steel design
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Key Features and Benefits: Ultra-high-speed SSD: Maximize your play sessions with near instant load times for installed PS5 games. Integrated I/O: The custom integration of the PS5 console's systems lets creators pull data from the SSD so quickly that they can design games in advanced ways. Ray tracing: Immerse yourself in worlds with a high level of realism as rays of light are individually simulated, creating true-to-life shadows and reflections. 4K-TV gaming: Play your favorite PS5 games on your stunning 4K TV. 120 fps with 120 Hz output: Enjoy smooth and fluid high frame rate gameplay at 120 fps for compatible games, with support for 120 Hz output on 4K displays. HDR technology: With the HDR TV, supported PS5 games display an unbelievably vibrant and lifelike range of colors. 8K output: PS5 console supports 8K output, so you can play games on your 4320p resolution display. Breathtaking immersion: Discover a deeper gaming experience with support for haptic feedback, adaptive triggers and 3D Audio technology. Tempest 3D AudioTech: Immerse yourself in soundscapes where it feels as if the sound comes from every direction. Through your headphones or TV speakers, your surroundings truly come alive with Tempest 3D AudioTech. Heighten your senses: The DualSense wireless controller for PS5 offers immersive haptic feedback, dynamic adaptive triggers and a built-in microphone, all integrated into an iconic design. Haptic feedback: Experience haptic feedback via the DualSense wireless controller in select PS5 titles and feel the effects and impact of your in-game actions through dynamic sensory feedback. Adaptive triggers: Get to grips with immersive adaptive triggers, featuring dynamic resistance levels which simu>late the physical impact of in-game activities. What's Included: Sony PlayStation 5 2 DualSense USB cable, HDMI cable
USD 319.0/шт 319.0
About this item Protect the galaxy and build the largest LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon to date! The perfect set for adult Star Wars fans and seasoned builders. This starship will inspire hours of play, recreating movies, or it can be featured as a collectible toy model. The Millennium Falcon consists of 7,541 pieces and includes two teams of minifigures - 4 classic minifigures of the crew: Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia and C-3PO, plus 3 stars. Minifigures of the Crew from Episodes VII / VIII Wars: Senior Han Solo, Rey and Finn The main hold contains a recreation area, Dejarik's holographic game, a combat remote training helmet and an engineering station with a rotating seat for a minifigure. The rear compartment has an engine room with a hyperdrive and console, as well as 2 emergency pod hatches.Exterior includes detailed removable hull panels, a launch ramp, a hidden blaster cannon, a cockpit with four minifigures with a removable dome, interchangeable round / rectangular touch plates Has measures over 8 "(21 cm) high, 33" (84 cm) long and 22 "(56 cm) wide. Builders can slide the panel to reveal a hidden blaster cannon and rotate the classic Leia and Han heads to reveal their breathing mask decorations
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تأسست Time Plamodel في عام 2008. منذ عام 2008 نقوم بتصدير مجموعة متنوعة من منتجات الألعاب إلى العديد من البلدان حول هذا الكوكب. نحن شركة تتعامل بشكل رئيسي في البضائع الجديدة. نتأكد دائمًا من أن بضاعتنا في حالة جيدة. عندما تشتري أي منتج منا ، يمكننا أن نضمن لك أنك ستسعد بالبضائع التي ستتلقاها. نؤسس علاقات تجارية طويلة الأمد مع عملائنا. نبني على الثقة ورضا العملاء.

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