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USD 77.0 - 123.0/个/件/只
Dollhouse "Palace" Here you can compare the construction of an orphanage with real construction. Wooden constructor "Palace" is not only a game, but also a real creation, the realization of one's desires, a manifestation of creative abilities. After all, you can not only equip a house, but also paint, come up with an interior design, furnish each room with furniture, triple a real parking lot of your car collection near the house. The wooden house will undoubtedly give unforgettable moments of joy to every child. We can safely say that the whole family will play with this house. After all, in every adult lives a child who wants to build his dream home!
USD 8.0 - 15.0/个/件/只
The original "Black Shark" helicopter set will appeal to any boy! Your child will be delighted with such a set, he will be able to build an original helicopter himself and feel like a real pilot. This wonderful set will delight your child with its unique design. Your child will be fascinated not only by the unusual assembly of the constructor, but also by the game with the already assembled helicopter. Thanks to the stunning bright design and pleasant to the touch details, the child will be happy to play with the constructor and will be able to become a real engineer by building his own aircraft. The game turns into an exciting activity, during which the child develops fantasy, thinking, imagination, fine motor skills of hands, perseverance, attentiveness to details - the child not only plays, but also develops. The model can be painted using gouache and acrylic paints. Wooden construction set "Helicopter" will be an excellent gift for fans of aerial technology!
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MERITOGRUPP LLC是一家制造公司,已经在俄罗斯市场上推出了自己的系列木制设计师,品牌名称为123Toys。

MERITOGRUPP LLC公司已经通过了ISO 9001:2015管理标准认证(符合GOST R ISO 9001-2015要求的证书)以及符合关税同盟TR TS 008/2011“关于玩具安全”的技术法规的证书。

MERITOGRUPP LLC计划每月扩大木制设计师的生产,并推出123Toys商标的新产品。

MERITOGRUPP LLC公司邀请自有品牌的制造商合作,开发独特的产品,设计,制作原型,展示一系列产品,获得证书