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USD 122.41/个/件/只 122.41
Размер XS - XXL
USD 112.8/个/件/只 112.8
Размер XS - XXL
USD 175.61/个/件/只 175.61
Размер XS - XXL
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Размер XS - XXL
USD 120.73/个/件/只 120.73
Размеры XS - XXL
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高档女装, 女式衬衫, 女式长裤和短裤, 女式高领绒线衫, 女式牛仔裤, 女式连体裤, 女式外套, 女式夹克, 日常便服, 裙子, 女式西服 Россия, Москва, ул. Палехская, д.11, с.2

I invite you to consider the products. We are the official distributor of the trademark in Russia and the CIS countries.

  • The brand produces women's clothing. The product is completely made in Italy.
  • In the manufacture of products, exclusively Italian fabrics are used, which guarantees the quality of products. Segment 30+. the price segment is medium and high.

We carry out exclusively wholesale deliveries.

The brand releases two collections a year.

Now we propose to get acquainted with the autumn-winter collection.