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An innovative, breathable mask - which does not limit breathing. It's ultra light and very comfortable - the best way to breathe in a pandemic.We use the best quality leather to create our Mini Shields.All masks are manufactured to the highest possible safety standards, are pre-sterilizedand manufactured from materials that guarantee effectiveness.Each of our masks has our logo on the front. This is our guarantee of quality.The Surazo Mini Shield protects users like a surgical mask, without restricting breathing. It's small, ultra-light and very comfortable. After 5 minutes you will not know you’re wearing it. It will last for many weeks. Ideal for people who are asthmatics, allergy sufferers, the elderly, etc. also, medical services. Excellent for the hard of hearing, as you can lip read. Works with Face ID. We all know how important it is for people we are talking to, see your face, see your lips move and see your facial expressions. This Face Shield is therefore ideal for certain Individuals and particularly Businesses, for their staff, Employees etc working in: Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, Beauty Salons, Public Speakers, medical services, People working with hard of hearing groups.
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个人护理产品, 个人防护设备, 毛皮制品, 纪念品 Польша, Poland

Carnot Corporation拥有25年以上的GSM市场经验,距以SURAZO品牌进入市场已有8年,这是一家拥有扎实的背景和广泛的专业知识的公司。 该品牌的诞生之初就是在欧洲其他手机壳生产商中以质量和独特性着称。 卡诺特公司(Carnot Corporation)的使命是能够使用全粒面皮革在欧盟生产优质产品,并且至今没有改变。 通过创建可靠的高质量生产线,我们能够满足要求苛刻的成熟欧洲客户的需求。 通过投入时间和资源来创建一支由爱好者组成的专家团队,我们能够克服最初的障碍,并将每一次失败变成重要的教训,然后可以用来进行扩展和改进。 经过最初的艰辛,不眠之夜和很大的压力之后,SURAZO手机壳在质量和连续性之间找到了金钥匙。