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Бишкек, Киргизия
USD 15.0/个/件/只 15.0
Stylish dress in 3 colors ⚜️Turkey two-thread fabric 🇹🇷 ⚜️Size standard fit 44-50 ⚜️ Dress length 1.50cm ⚜️Working zipper on the sleeve is convenient to take ablution
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女装, 高档女装, 伊斯兰服饰, 女性穆斯林服饰 Киргизия, Бишкек, Ул. Ч. Айтматова 29

We are a manufacturer of women's clothing line. From the day of our foundation, we have quite quickly, firmly and confidently established ourselves in the sewing business market. We have an excellent background among our clients. We try to fulfill orders of our clients as quickly and on time, and most importantly with high quality. We provide the following range of services: ⚜️ We can sew products under your brand ⚜️ We develop a pattern and sew a sample of any complexity ⚜️ A selection of fabrics ⚜️ We accept small and large orders We send to the CIS countries and anywhere in the world 🌏