СП "Deutsche Kabel Ag Taschkent"

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USD 1115.0 - 1200.0/L
High-carbon steel wire is intended for making springs, tying bales of cotton products and other purposes. Produced in diameters from 1.6 to 6.0 mm. P low-carbon steel wire for general use complies with TSh 64-15808601-58: 2010. OH wire is supplied: - thermally processed (t / o) and - thermally untreated (t / n) of normal and high accuracy. OH wire is used for the manufacture of metal mesh, construction nails, for tying pipe bundles, boards and other packaged materials during transportation, loading and storage, as well as for fencing and other purposes. OH wire is supplied in coils and coils weighing up to 1.0 tons.
USD 1.0 - 10.0/t
POWER CABLES WITH PLASTIC INSULATION (with aluminum cores in PVC insulation, in a PVC shell for a voltage of 1 kV)AVVG 1x2.5AVVG 2х35AVVG 4x2.5AVVG 5х35AVVG 1x4AVVG 2х50AVVG 4x4AVVG 5х70AVVG 1x6AVVG 2(1x2,5)coolantAVVG 4x6AVVG 5х95AVVG 1x10AVVG 2х70AVVG 4x10AVVG 5x120AVVG 1x16AVVG 3x2.5AVVG 4x16AVVG 3x4+1x2.5AVVG 1x25AVVG 3x4AVVG 4x25AVVG 3x6+1x4AVVG 1х35AVVG 3x6AVVG 4х35AVVG 3x10+1x6AVVG 1х50AVVG 3x10AVVG 4x50AVVG 3х16+1x10AVVG 1х70AVVG 3х16AVVG 4х70AVVG 3x25+1x16AVVG 1х95AVVG 3x25AVVG 4х95AVVG 3х35+1x16AVVG 1х120AVVG 3х35AVVG 4х120AVVG 3x50+1x25AVVG 1х150AVVG 3x50AVVG 4x150AVVG 3х70+1х35AVVG 1х185AVVG 3х70AVVG 4х185AVVG 3х95+1х50AVVG 1х240AVVG 3х95AVVG 4х240AVVG 3х120+1х70AVVG 2x2.5AVVG 3х120AVVG 5x2.5AVVG 3х150+1х70AVVG 2x4AVVG 3х150AVVG 5x4AVVG 3х185+1х95AVVG 2x6AVVG 3х185AVVG 5x6AVVG 3х240+1х120AVVG 2x10AVVG 3х240AVVG 5x10 AVVG 2x16AVVG 1х400AVVG 5x16 AVVG 2x25AVVG 5х150AVVG 5x25 < / td>< / tr>< / tbody>< / table>(with aluminum cores in PVC insulation, in a non-flammable PVC shell, for a voltage of 1 kV)AVVG 1x2.5ngAVVG 3x2.5ngAVVG 4х6нгAVVG 5х16нгAVVG 1х4нгAVVG 3х4нгAVVG 4х10нгAVVG 5х25нгAVVG 1х6нгAVVG 3х6нгAVVG 4х16нгAVVG 5х35нгAVVG 1х10нгAVVG 3х10нгAVVG 4х25нгAVVG 3x4+1x2.5ngAVVG 1х16нгAVVG 3х16нгAVVG 4х35нгAVVG 3x6+1х4нгAVVG 1х25нгAVVG 3х25нгAVVG 4х50нгAVVG 3x10+1х6нгAVVG 1х35нгAVVG 3х35нгAVVG 4х70нгAVVG 3х16+1х10нгAVVG 1х50нгAVVG 3х50нгAVVG 4х95нгAVVG 3x25+1х16нгAVVG 2x2.5ngAVVG 3х70нгAVVG 4х120нгAVVG 3х35+1х16нгAVVG 2х4нгAVVG 3х95нгAVVG 4х150нгAVVG 3x50+1х25нгAVVG 2х6нгAVVG 3х120нгAVVG 4х185нгAVVG 3х70+1х35нгAVVG 2х10нгAVVG 3х150нгAVVG 4х240нгAVVG 3х95+ 1х50нгAVVG 2х16нгAVVG 3х185нгAVVG 5x2.5ngAVVG 3х120+1х70нгAVVG 2х25нгAVVG 3х240+1х120нгAVVG 5х4нгAVVG 3х150+1х70нгAVVG 2х35нгAVVG 4x2.5ngAVVG 5х6нгAVVG 3х185+1х95нгAVVG 2х50нгAVVG 4х4нгAVVG 5х10нг POWER CABLES WITH PLASTIC INSULATION(with copper conductors, PVC insulated, PVC sheathed to voltage 1 kV) VVG 1x1.5VVG 2x25VVG 3x2,5+1x1,5VVG 4х70VVG 1x2.5VVG 2х35VVG 3x4+1x2.5VVG 4х95VVG 1x4VVG 2х50VVG 3x6+1x4VVG 4х120VVG 1x6VVG 2х95VVG 3x10+1x6VVG 4x150VVG 1x10VVG 2x120VVG 3х16+1x10VVG 4х185VVG 1x16VVG 2х150VVG 3x25+1x16VVG 4х240VVG 1x25VVG 2х185VVG 3х35+1x16VVG 5x1.5VVG 1х35VVG 2х240VVG 3x50+1x25VVG 5x2.5VVG 1х50VVG 3x1.5VVG 3х70+1х35VVG 5x4VVG 1х70VVG 3x2.5VVG 3х95+1х50VVG 5x6VVG 1х95VVG 3x4VVG 3х120+1х70VVG 5x10VVG 1х120VVG 3x6VVG 3х150+1х70VVG 5x16VVG 1х150VVG 3x10VVG 3х185+1х95VVG 5x25VVG 1х185VVG 3х16VVG 3х240+1х120VVG 5х35VVG 1х240VVG 3x25VVG 4x1,5VVG 5x50VVG 2x1.5VVG 3х35VVG 4x2.5VVG 5х70VVG 2x2.5VVG 3x50VVG 4x4VVG 5х95VVG 2x4VVG 3х70VVG 4x6VVG 5x120VVG 2x6VVG 3х95VVG 4x10VVG 5х150VVG 2x10VVG 3х120VVG 4x16 VVG 2x16VVG 3х150VVG 4x25 VVG 3х185VVG 4х35 VVG 3х240VVG 4x50 < / td>< / tr>< / table>(with copper cores in PVC insulation, in a non-flammable PVC shell, for a voltage of 1 kV)VVG 1x1.5 ng3x6 VVG ngVVG 3х185+1х95нгVVG 5х35нгVVG 1x2.5 ng3x10 VVG ngVVG 3х240+1х120нгVVG 5х50нг1x4 VVG ng3х16 VVG ngVVG 4x1,5ngVVG 5х70нг1x6 VVG ng3x25 VVG ngVVG 4x2.5ngVVG 5х95нг1x10 VVG ng3х35 VVG ngVVG 4х4нгVVG 5х120нгVVG 1x16 ngVVG 3x50 ngvvg 4x6ngvvg 5x150ngvvg 1x25 ngvvg 3x70 ngVVG 4x10ngVVG NG-LS 3x2. 5< / tr>VVG 1x35 ngVVG 3x95 ngVVG 4x16ngVVG NG-LS 2x4< / tr>VVG 1x50 ngVVG 3x120 ngVVG 4x25ngVVG NG-LS 3x10< / tr>VVG 1x70 ngVVG 3x150 ngVVG 4x35ngVVG NG-LS 4x16< / tr>VVG 1x150 ngVVG 3x185 ngVVG 4x50ngVVG NG-LS 3x35+1x25< / tr>VVG 1x240 ngvvg 3x240 ngvvg 4x70ngVVG NG-LS 4x4< / tr>VVG 2x1. 5 ng< / td>VVG 3x2. 5+1x1. 5 ngVVG 4x95ngVVG NG-LS 4x1. 5< / tr>VVG 2x2. 5 ng< / td>VVG 3x4+1x2. 5ngVVG 4x120ngVVG NG-LS 5x2,5VVG 2x4 ngVVG 3x6+1x4ngVVG 4x150ngVVGZ 2x2,5VVG 2x6 ngVVG 3x10+1x6ngvvg 4x185ngVVGz 3x2. 5VVG 2x10 ngVVG 3х16+1х10нгVVG 4х240нгWGS 4x16-12x16 VVG ngVVG 3x25+1х16нгVVG 5x1.5ngWGS 4x10-12x25 VVG ngVVG 3х35+1х16нгVVG 5x2.5ngWGS 4x6-12х35 VVG ngVVG 3x50+1х25нгVVG 5х4нгWGS 5x62х50 VVG ngVVG 3х70+1х35нгVVG 5х6нгWGS 2x10-1VVG 3x1.5 ngVVG 3х95+1х50нгVVG 5х10нгWGS 2x6-1VVG 3x2.5 ngVVG 3x120+1x70ngVVG 5x16ngVVGZ 3x10+1x6VVG 3x4 ngVVG 3x150+1x70ngVVG 5x25ngVVGZ 3x95+1x50(with copper cores in PVC insulation, in a non-combustible PVC shell with filling)VVG 2x1.5 NGZVVG 3x4 NGZVVG 4x10VVG 3х35+1x16VVG 2x2.5 NGZVVG 3x6 NGZVVG 4x16VVG 3x50+1x25VVG 2x4 NGZVVG 3x10 NGZVVG 4x25VVG 5x2,5VVG 2x6 NGZVVG 3х16 NGZVVG 4х35VVG 5x6VVG 2x10 NGZVVG 3x25 NGZVVG 4x50VVG 5x10VVG 2x16 NGZVVG 3х35 NGZVVG 3x2,5+1x1,5VVG 5x25VVG 2x25 NGZVVG 3x50 NGZVVG 3x4+1x2.5VVG 5х35VVG 2х35 NGZVVG 4x1,5 NGZVVG 3x6+1x4VVG 5x50VVG 2х50 NGZVVG 4x2.5 NGZVVG 3x10+1x6VVG 5x16VVG 3x1.5 NGZVVG 4x4 NGZVVG 3х16+1x10 VVG 3x2.5 NGZVVG 4x6 NGZVVG 3x25+1x16 We have a very wide range Application: For transmission and distribution of electricity in stationary installations with a rated alternating voltage of 0 , 66 kV and 1 kV with a frequency of 50 Hz. Single-core cables are used in DC networks. Laying conditions: For laying in the ground (trenches), rooms, canals, tunnels, mines, and so in the open air if the cable is not subjected to significant tensile forces. But if there is a danger of mechanical damage during operation. Technical data: Operating voltage, kV 0.66 or 1 Operating temperature of cables, degrees from -50 up to +50 Minimum bending radius, diam. cables: 7.5 Cables are laid at a temperature (without preheating), C not lower than -15
USD 1.0 - 10.0/t
< strong>CONTROL CABLES(with copper cores in PVC insulation, in PVC shell) KVVG 4x0,75KVVG 10x1.0KVVG 27х1.5KVVG 7x4,0KVVG 5x0,75KVVG 14x1,0KVVG 37х1.5KVVG 10х4,0KVVG 7x0,75KVVG 19x1,0KVVG 4x2.5KVVG 4x6,0KVVG 10x0,75KVVG 27х1,0KVVG 5x2.5KVVG 7x6,0KVVG 14х0,75KVVG 37х1,0KVVG 7x2.5KVVG 10x6,0KVVG 19х0,75KVVG 4x1.5KVVG 10x2.5KVVG 8x1,5KVVG 24х0,75KVVG 5x1.5KVVG 14x2.5KVVG 18x1,5KVVG 27х0,75KVVG 7h1.5KVVG 19х2.5KVVG 24х1,5KVVG 4x1,0KVVG 10x1.5KVVG 27х2.5KVVG 30х1,5KVVG 5x1.0KVVG 14x1.5KVVG 37х2.5KVVG 12x1,5 with flexible residentialKVVG 7h1.0KVVG 19x1.5KVVG 4x4,0KVVG 7x2,5 flexible residentialKvvgng 4x0,75Kvvgng 7x1.0Kvvgng 14x1.5Kvvgng 27x2.5Kvvgng 5x0,75KVVG ^10x1.0Kvvgng 19x1.5Kvvgng 37x2.5KVVG нг7х0,75Kvvgng 14x1,0KVVG No. 27x1.5Kvvgng 4x4,0Kvvgng 10x0,75Kvvgng 19x1,0Kvvgng 37x1.5Kvvgng 7x4,0Kvvgng 14x0,75Kvvgng 27x1,0Kvvgng 4x2.5Kvvgng 10x4,0Kvvgng 19x0,75Kvvgng 37x1,0Kvvgng 5x2.5Kvvgng 4x6,0Kvvgng 27x0,75Kvvgng 4x1.5Kvvgng 7x2.5Kvvgng 7x6,0Kvvgng 37x0,75Kvvgng 5x1.5Kvvgng 10x2.5Kvvgng 10x6,0Kvvgng 4x1,0Kvvgng 7x1.5Kvvgng 14x2.5 Kvvgng 5x1.0Kvvgng 10x1.5KVVG No. 19x2.5 (with copper conductors, PVC insulated, PVC sheathed, screened)KVVGE 4x1. 5KVVGE 7x6. 0KVVGE 27x1.5kuuga of 2x6kuuga of 4x2.5kuuga 10x1.5kuuga 27x2.5kuuga 4x1. 0kuuga 4x4,0kuuga 10x2.5kuuga 37x1.5kuuga 7x1,0kuuga of 4x6,0kuuga 10x4,0kuuga 37x2.5kuuga 10x1,0kuuga 5x1.5kuuga 10x6,0kuuga 2x1,5kuuga 14x1,0kuuga of 5x2.5kuuga 14x1.5kuuga 8x1,5kuuga 19x1,0kuuga 7h1.5kuuga 14x2.5kuuga 24x1,5kuuga 27x1,0kuuga 7x2.5KVVGE 19x1.5KVVGE 8x2.5 KVVGE 7x4. 0KVVGE 19x2. 5KVVGE 24x2. 5 (with copper cores in PVC insulation,in a non-flammable PVC shell, shielded)Kvvgeng 4x0,75Kvvgeng 14x1,5Kvvgeng 19x2,5Kvvgeng 10x6Kvvgeng 7x0,75Kvvgeng 19x1,5Kvvgeng 27x2,5Kvvgeng 4x1,0 0,66Kvvgeng 10x0,75Kvvgeng 27x1,5Kvvgeng 37x2,5Kvvgeng 16x2x1,5Kvvgeng 14x0,75Kvvgeng 37x1,5Kvvgeng 4x6Kvvgeng 10x1,00,66Kvvgeng 19х0,75Kvvgeng 4x2,5Kvvgeng 4x4Kvvgeng 27x1,00,66Kvvgeng 4x1. 5KVVGeng 5x2. 5KVVGeng 5x4KVVGeng 7x1. 0 0.66KVVGeng 5x1. 5KVVGeng 7x2. 5KVVGeng 7x4KVVGeng 5x1,0 0.66KVVGeng 7x1,5KVVGeng 10x2,5KVVGeng 7x6 KVVGeng 10x1,5KVVGeng 14x2. 5KVVGeng 10x4 (with copper cores in PVC insulation,in PVC shell, armoured for a voltage of 1 kV)Kvbbshv 4x1. 0Kvbbshv 5x2,5Kvbbshv 14x1,5Kvbbshv 30x1,5Kvbbshv 5x1,0Kvbbshv 7x1,5Kvbbshv 14x2,5VBbShvng 8x1,5Kvbbshv 7x1,0Kvbbshv 7x2,5Kvbbshv 19x1,5VBbShvng 18x1,5Kvbbshv 10x1,0Kvbbshv 7x4,0Kvbbshv 19x2,5VBbShvng 24x1,5КВБбШвШ1,0Kvbbshv 7x6,0Kvbbshv 27x1,5VBbShvng 30x1,5Kvbbshv 19x1,0Kvbbshv 27x1,0KVBBSHV 27x2,5KVBBSHVNG 19x2,5KVBBSHV 4x1,5KVBBSHV 37x1,0KVBBSHV 37x1,5KVBBSHVNG 14x2. 5CVBshw 4x2. 5CVBsHw 10x1. 5CVBsHw 37x2. 5CVBsHwng 4x1. 5CVBsHw 4x4CBBW 10x2. 5CBBW 8x1. 5CBBW 10x1. 5CBBW 4x6CBBW 10x4. 0CBBW 18x1. 5KVBBSHVNG 7x1. 5KVBBSHV 5x1. 5 KVBBSHV 24x1. 5KVBBSHVNG 14x1. 0We have a very wide product range< / p>
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钢筋, 电器设备和电信, 电器设备和零件, 电线、电缆及组件, 电子元器件和电容器 Узбекистан, г.Ташкент, Олмазарский р-н, ул.Уста Ширин 120.

自1949年以来,Deutsche Kabel AG Taschkent”(DKG)-中亚最大的电缆导体和钢铁产品制造商之一。


如今,DKG是一家蓬勃发展的企业,根据市场需求不断扩大产品范围。 DKG产品是在欧洲制造商Rosendahl,诺基亚,Maileffer,Anduard,Sket和其他公司的现代化设备上生产的,从而确保了高水平的产品质量和所需数量产品的生产。 DKG产品根据当地和国际标准生产。

悠久的质量传统确保DKG产品的可靠性和使用寿命。 DKG的绝对优先考虑的是产品符合客户期望,订单履行和产品准时交付。