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USD 59.3/个/件/只 59.3
Armchair "Comfort" is a kind of frameless armchair with a back. This chair is sewn in such a way that you do not have to constantly adjust it, giving it a comfortable shape. High seating position and fixed backrest make this model more comfortable and comfortable. The stylish design of the armchair underlines the execution of high quality eco-leather. There are pockets on the sides of the chair where you can put books, magazines and other items you need on hand. The bag is filled with expanded polystyrene. The cover is not removable, if dirt appears, it is enough to simply wipe the surface of the ottoman with a wet cloth. Size: height 150 cm diameter 90 cm Fabric: Eco leather Filling: Expanded polystyrene < / p> Removable cover : No
USD 53.2/个/件/只 53.2
Armchairs bags consist of two covers : inner and outer. The outer cover is easily removable and washable in the washing machine. For more information, please refer to the fabric link. The outer cover is made of 6 gussets - this allows the ottoman to acquire an anatomical shape suitable for the most sensitive back. Thus, the chair with six wedges gives the perfect level of comfort to its owner. An original, stylish and bright pear chair that will impress neither children nor adults. So colorful - this armchair will fill your home with bright colors and great mood! Such an exotic armchair will become your favorite resting place! Size: height 140 cm diameter 110 cm Fabric: < br> Jacquard Filling: Expanded Polystyrene Removable Cover : Yes Weight: 5 kg
USD 21.19/个/件/只 21.19
Armchair bag Brown L. Such a bag is small and easily fits in any apartment. Despite this, the chair is suitable even for an adult, up to 175 cm tall, weighing up to 75 kg! Due to its low price, is perfect for student parties, holidays and any other entertainment events. You can sit comfortably while playing the console. Outer fabric - oxford, easy to maintain, inexpensive, water-repellent fabric with bright colors. Drinks that have inadvertently spilled, or traces of food, can be removed simply by wiping with a damp cloth, wash if heavily soiled. Size: height 110 cm diameter 80 cm Fabric: Oxford Filling: Styrofoam Removable cover: Yes Weight: 3 kg
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