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Tess Style - green tea. The natural bouquet of noble green tea from the Fujian province is revealed in all its splendor: a rich but light taste, an airy floral aroma, an infusion of light jade color and a long aftertaste with notes of sweetness.
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A collection of excellent loose leaf tea with natural pieces of fruit and berries, flower petals and aromatic herbs. Ingredients: Tess Sunrise - black Ceylon tea. A collection of excellent loose leaf teas with natural pieces of fruits and berries, flower petals and aromatic herbs. Tess Pleasure is a black tea with rosehip, apple, flower petals and tropical fruit aroma. This variety is based on a complex blend, in which the spicy shades of tea from the foothill plantations of the Ceylon Island complement the richness and astringency of Indian tea. The warm aroma of tropical fruits brings a subtle sweetish note to the tea composition. Tess Thyme - black tea with thyme and lemon zest. Spicy, fragrant, slightly bitter mountain thyme perfectly complements the rich taste of black tea harvested on the plantations of northern India, emphasizing its tart shades. Delicate citrus acidity brings a note of freshness, completing the impeccably balanced flavor range of the tea blend. Black tea with thyme and lemon zest.
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农业产品, 杂货食品, 咖啡和茶 Россия, 3, Tobol'skaya Str., 194044, Saint Petersburg, Russia

自2000年以来,Orimi Trade一直是俄罗斯的茶和咖啡制造商。工厂的设备正在不断升级,已安装了几乎无需人工干预即可运行的自动生产线。生产设施每年生产85,000吨产品。