Pipe SLT Aqua PP-R PN20 (SDR 6)
For hot and cold water, heating Pressure pipes made of random copolymer polypropylene with a maximum design pressure in the system not exceeding 2 MPa. The so-called classic polypropylene pipes with a thick wall. Designed for cold water and hot water supply systems with an operating water temperature of up to 70 ° С and heating systems, including high-temperature ones, with a heating medium operating temperature up to 80 ° С. The maximum temperature of the coolant is 90 ° C. For operating class 5, the working pressure is limited to: not higher than 0.6 MPa. PN20 - products often used in industrial, construction communications, private construction, water supply systems. The "Random Copolymer" polypropylene pipeline complies with GOST 32415-2013. The special production technology plus the properties of the material of manufacture contribute to the creation of reliable products with an extended service life of up to 50 years, withstanding a nominal pressure of 2 MPa. Nominal diameter, mm 20 Wall thickness, mm 3.4 Inside diameter , mm 13.2 Weight, kg / m

Pipe SLT Aqua PP-R PN20 (SDR 6) - 23052

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