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童装, 女装, 大码裤子, 晚礼服, 女式传统服饰, 大码女装, 高档女装, 女式运动服装, 女式衬衫, 女式长裤和短裤, 女式马甲, 女式连体裤, 女式外套,冲锋衣和雨衣, 女式外套, 女式夹克, 女式运动套装, 女式帽衫, 女式睡衣, 女式针织品, 鸡尾酒会礼服, 紧身裤, 日常便服, 女式上衣, 女式T恤和背心, 裙子, 女式西服, 孕妇装, 伊斯兰服饰, 女性穆斯林服饰 Турция, Istanbul, Esenyalı Mah. Yanyol Cad. Varyap Plaza, No:61/40

Krgl is a garment manufacturer in Turkey. With more than 20 years of experience, technological infrastructure and qualified human resources, it is a reliable business partner that produces high quality garment products for its corporate customers. KRGL specializes in the production of women's clothing, evening dresses, headscarves, plus size clothing, organic clothing for babies and children. Design team and R & D center located krgl is one of the professional companies in the garment sector in Turkey.