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Lighten Traffic road marking machine (pavement marking machine) is special-purpose equipment for road marking. It is used for highway, road axis, lane line, community, airport,etc. to mark all sorts of thermoplastic or cold lines that are reflective such as straight line,dotted line, curve,  arrow, and letters.
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道路建设设备和机械 Китай, Room 1516, Building 2, No.168 Taiping South Road, Qinhuai District, Nanjing

Lighten Traffic Safety Co.,Ltd. is a leading road safety products provider in China, which can supply full range of road marking products like Gabion Cages, road marking machine and thermoplastic road marking powder and also provide Metal Guardrail; Solar Road Studs and Traffic Signs. As a leading road safety products supplier in China, Lighten Traffic is focusing on research, production and sales of road safety equipment and materials. Lighten Traffic has exported road safety equipment and materials to more than 10 countries in Africa, North America, Southeast Asia Especially in Philippines.