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USD 6.32/个/件/只 6.32
Children's indoor shoes from GEZER 🇹🇷 Convenient to wear both at home and in the kindergarten 👍 Quality - excellent, light, odorless 🇹🇷 Manufacturer: Turkey There is an instep support. You can pick it up or send it as convenient for you. Sizes: 19-36
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童装, 家纺, 女装, 纺织品, 布匹及配件, 女士鞋靴, 男士鞋靴, 儿童鞋靴, 儿童棉拖鞋, 箱包 Казахстан, Алматы, Абая 150/230

It is possible to sell offline and online. All products, namely children's orthopedic leather shoes, handbags, clothing, textiles, are all from Turkey. A large assortment of children's shoes, Tekiner, Bayrak, Pinky certified. Because Our warehouse is in Almaty, there is an opportunity to receive goods quickly and inexpensively.