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Односторонняя махровая ткань с бамбуковой пряжей. Ткань идеально подходит для мягких и легких халатов, детских товаров, утренних халатов, легких дорожных полотенец, спортивных полотенец. Обычная сторона из микрофибры подходит для цифровой сублимационной печати. Бамбуковая пряжа обладает антибактериальным действием. Лицевая сторона: гладкая микрофибра, Оборотная сторона: бамбуковые махровые петли, Состав: 40% бамбук, 20% хлопок, 40% микрофибра, Ширина: 160 см, Вес: 250 GSM, Цвет: любой цвет по выбранному коду пантона, стандартное реактивное или специальное окрашивание Indanthrene® для промышленной стирки, Упаковка: рулоны 20-25 кг, Минимальный заказ: 150 кг на цвет.
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Microfibers are very small strands of synthetic fibers that are knitted together. It is a material that is permeable to water and, on the contrary, impermeable to air.Microfiber cloth ensures high water absorption and fast drying, it is hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin.Warp-knitted microfiber has a stable structure, resistant to rupture and deformation, ensures long life of towels, robes and beach ponchos. Suitable for sublimation printing. Application: beach clothes, beach towels, promotional towels, ponchos, robes.
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Micro cotton is a type of cotton yarn that differs in a special way of processing. By analogy with microfiber, which consists of the thinnest fibers of polyester, cotton threads are specially cut and ground. These finest fibers are then woven into threads of the desired thickness and are used in the manufacture of the cotton threads. During dyeing and subsequent processing, the threads “fluff”, each loop becomes voluminous and soft, gaining the ablility to absorb more moisture compared to ordinary cotton threads.Terry loops create a luxurious texture that is perfect for the production of towels and luxury bathrobes.The micro-cotton knitted fabric retains high strength and softness, even after repeated washing.Excellent absorbency and breathability will not leave indifferent anybody who understands the value of high quality textiles.The micro-cotton knitted fabric is snag-resistant, has a strong structure, ensuring the durability and resistance to indusrial heavy washing of the products. Micro cotton bathrobes and towels will last much longer than usual.
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Tender Touch Bamboo Fabric is made for sophisticated and elegant home dresses. Light, flowing and strong structure of this fabric allows to use it for products of the highest class of quality and style.High water absorbent, quick drying,
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Bamboo terry fabric is very soft and tender to touch. If you are looking for high quality, snag-free terry cloth - bamboo terry is your best choice.This fabric is perfect for soft and luxury bathrobes, baby clothes, children clothes, home dresses and morning gowns.It can be used in baby diapers even!Construction: both sides bamboo terry loops,Weight: 350, 400, 450 GSM,Width: 160 cm,Composition: 60% bamboo, 25% cotton, 15% polyester,Colour: any plain colour is possiblePackaging: rolls by 20-30 kg, 30-50 m, 
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Check our other fabrics for sublimation printing: Sublimatex Microfiber. Due to its polyester structure it is also one of the best options for sublimation printing among the fabrics we produce. The sublimation technique that we use for printing has many advantages such as low minimum order quantity, high colour resolution, extra washing fastness and cost effectiveness. That’s for Sublimatex Microfiber is best choice for for beach towels, promotional towels, beach ponchos and pool towels as well as sport towels. Weight: 350Width: 158 cm Composition: 55% Polyester, 35% Bamboo, 10% CottonColour: white, ready for printingPackaging: rolls  20-25 kg or 40-50 m or carton boxes for ready made towelsMOQ: 150 kg
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We produce many fabrics for sublimation printing and one of them is Sublimatex Bamboo Terry. It contains polyester polar in one side for the best result for printing and single bamboo Terry on the other side for more softer and silkier touch. It is best for beach towels, promotional towels, beach ponchos and pool towels with no pattern or colour restrictions. Also thanks to its soft structure it is also best for morning gown and robes
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We offer Sublimatex cotton terry fabric used especially for sublimation printing. It contains polyester polar which is best for sublimation printing and cotton Terry loops for natural touch on reverse side. Thanks to its structure we produce vivid and bright colored fabrics in photo quality. Due to its high water absonbency and low time for drying Sublimatex cotton Terry fabric is perfect for beach towels, pool towels, promotinal towels and beach ponchos with any type of pattern you want. Weight: 350 GSMWidth: 155 cm Composition: 45% Cotton, 55% PolyesterColour: white, ready for printingPackaging: rolls  20-25 kg or 40-50 m or carton boxes for ready made towelsMOQ: 150 kg
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To get a velor cloth, terry loops are cut in half and then aligned in length. Depending on the application, the pile can be of different lengths. Sheared velour is suitable for digital printing, while fabrics with a regular pile length are usually plain colour dyed.Mayer knitted velour fabric with combination of cotton ring spun and polyester is perfect for dressing gowns, bathrobes, kids robes. 
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Мы профессионалы в производстве махровых трикотажных полотен. Комбинируя пряжу из хлопка, микроволокна, бамбука и микроволокна из полиэстера, мы производим односторонние и двусторонние махровые ткани для домашней одежды, халатов, домашних платьев, утренних платьев, детской одежды, рекламных полотенец с цифровой печатью. Каждая сторона ткани может быть разного состава, цвета и рисунка!

Основовязаная махровая ткань мягкая, без заеданий, устойчива к разрыву и разрыву, хорошо впитывает воду, быстро сохнет, не вызывает аллергии и имеет множество вариантов дизайна и применения в домашнем текстиле.