LLC "Cedar region"

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USD 5.4/个/件/只 5.4
Icon of a foldable from natural Altai cedar with laser engraving.
USD 2.34/个/件/只 2.34
Souvenir piggy bank safe from environmentally friendly Altai cedar.
USD 2.7/个/件/只 2.7
Souvenir piggy bank made of environmentally friendly Altai cedar. A great gift for any occasion.
USD 3.41/个/件/只 3.41
A tea house for two varieties of tea made from environmentally friendly Altai cedar with laser engraving.
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装饰, 家庭装饰品, 教育、创意和设计, 礼物、手工制品, 纪念品 Россия, Алтайский край, г. Бийск, пер. Байкальский, 100Б

We are engaged in the production and wholesale of Altai cedar souvenirs. Our products are of high quality and low prices. A wide and constantly expanding range of products is available for purchase or ordering, which can be found on our website. It is possible to apply text or graphic information to any product according to an individual customer's project.