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USD 5.0/个/件/只 5.0
女士包,生态皮革制成的迷你包。5 种颜色任您选择,最少购买 10 件(1 套),颜色随机。可以在 HP 批量购买。 尺寸:高19厘米,宽13厘米,厚5厘米。 重量:0.22公斤
USD 5.27/个/件/只 5.27
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Women's leather bag Size: 25x11x21 cm Please specify the cost and delivery at the time of request
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Cotton 100%, made in China. Delivery from a warehouse in Guangzhou Web width 175 cm Density 180 grams The cost depends on the quantity. The allowed amount is from 1 meter. Please specify the delivery time and cost during the application.
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童装, 家纺, 女装, 纺织品, 布匹及配件, 窗帘和纱窗布, 混纺织物, 家居装饰布料, 用于床上用品的布料, 服装布料, 厨房餐桌布料, 棉花, 丝绸, 羊毛, 儿童鞋靴, 箱包, 女士包, 手表、眼镜、宝石 Китай

We offer for retail and wholesale purchase of various raw materials and goods from China. Our direction is textiles, clothing, FABRICS, accessories. We will help you find the fabric according to your requirements, we will offer the available assortment. We can offer for purchase: children's clothing and shoes, women's clothing, shoes, bags (leather and leatherette), as well as make any purchase from Taobao or Alibaba. Fabrics and accessories: we will carry out the search and purchase according to the client's requirements, assistance in the selection of materials, placing orders in factories and quality control of the manufacture of products. We look forward to collaborating.