Production of accessories (backpacks, bags)

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USD 250.0/个/件/只 250.0
We bring to your attention a Children's set from a backpack size 32 * 22 * 12cm and a banana 30 * 14cm. Quality Oxford fabric. Specialized for sewing backpacks and tents. The drawing was made using the sublimation technique. High quality fittings. Padded backpack back. Our accessories are not afraid of water and sunburn.
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女士配饰, 男士配饰, 儿童配饰, 商务包, 手提箱、旅行包, 背包、运动包 Украина, г. Харьков

We are accessories manufacturers. Children: backpacks, bananas, briefcases. Women's: Backpacks (classic, sports.) Men's: Backpacks, purses, travel bags. Our products are our pride. We try our best to provide you with a quality product at the lowest price.