Tomato paste
The Sabin company is ready to offer wholesale deliveries of high-quality tomato paste from Iran. Mass fraction of dry matter 36-38% BRIX. The paste is packed in aseptic bags in iron drums 220-250 kg. Harvest 2017. Concentrated tomato paste, canned aseptically. Highest quality (according to GOST and EURO), expiration dates, certificates, packaging - normal. Product characteristics: Tomato paste. Appearance - Homogeneous concentrated mass of spreading consistency, without dark inclusions, remnants of the skin, seeds and other coarse particles of fruits. General characteristics of the product: Color - Red, orange-red, bright pronounced, pronounced, uniform throughout the mass. Taste and smell - Inherent in concentrated tomato mass, without foreign taste and smell. Type - Concentrated paste, preserved aseptically. Tomato paste in aseptic barrels Brix 36-38% Acidity ≤4.3 Color & gt; 2.2 Bostwick 6,5-7 HMS & lt; 30 Starch Absent Pectin Absent TRS Absent Yeast None Additives None Homogeneous concentrated spreading mass, evenly wiped mass without seeds, remnants of skin and stalks. The taste is natural, pleasant, characteristic of tomatoes without bitterness, burnt-on and other foreign tastes and odors. The color is uniform throughout the mass, typical of tomatoes from which the paste is made. Consumer and transport packaging - Aseptic canning paste packed in aseptic bags placed in metal containers with a polyethylene bag-liner. Main stages and conditions of processing (method of production) - Concentration, sterilization with aseptic filling. Expiration date for use and storage conditions - no more than 24 months from the date of production. You can send your application to us by mail or call us on the available phones.

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