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USD 37.63 - 58.93/个/件/只
New, ultra-modern, non-marking heel sole with the SPP system of the original symmetrical construction with a rigid insert in the heel - New improved anatomical last, created on the basis of the analysis of anthropometric data of athletes - The sole materials are carefully selected to ensure reliability, durability and maximum functionality of the entire shoe construction - A completely new design of the model with one strap for a tight fit of the ankle - Metal frames with bushings on the straps for easy tightening - Modern look - Hard toe cap and back
USD 33.51/个/件/只 33.51
Classic construction made of natural and modern breathable materials, non-marking rubber outsole gives excellent grip on the ring surface - Non-marking outsole made of modern materials gives excellent grip on the ring surface - Attractive design Boxing shoes SABO Knockout are modern specialized professional shoes for boxing. Lightweight and durable boots designed for the specific sport. The new elastic and durable sole, with a special pattern, is made of modern thermoplastic non-marking material. High ankle boots and an advanced lacing system securely fix the ankle for comfortable movement of the athlete, reducing the likelihood of injury. Carefully selected materials - natural velor and composite textile mesh - perfectly breathe and allow the foot to breathe. Boxers SABO Knockout are designed for both beginner boxers and athletes with a high level of training.
USD 16.4/个/件/只 16.4
Ski boots for training and walking - Tongue-valve protects from snow and moisture - The upper of the shoe is made of modern frost-resistant artificial leather - Quick lacing SLS - They have a lining-insulation - Modern attractive design
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美容健康, 男士运动鞋, 运动商品, 运动器材 Россия, ул. Павла Корчагина 86

Sabo公司自2000年以来生产运动鞋,并提供各种各样的体育用品。 SABO是一个充满活力的年轻人团队,他们的志趣相投,喜欢工作。我们努力扩大范围,保持最新并为我们的客户提供现代型号。

我们的专业是运动鞋:训练和比赛。我们的运动鞋以精致的设计,高质量的装配,高科技的材料,现代的设计和实用性而著称。最重要的是,它可供俄罗斯客户使用。该系列包括各种运动和户外活动的模型:远足靴,足球鞋,举重运动员,摔跤鞋,拳击手,sambovka鞋,滑雪靴,捷克人,定向越野鞋,硬拉靴。 “ Szabo”一直在寻找机会,以根据运动员的需求改进其产品。