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Tasanheia Dio srl
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纪念币。金属黄铜。制作方法是冷冲压。尺寸 30 毫米。可以根据你的草图制作。我们制作徽章、奖牌、金属标志。
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布匹及配件, 纺织配件, 鞋靴及配件, 女士配饰, 男士配饰, 儿童配饰, 硬件和材料, 教育、创意和设计, 礼物、手工制品, 运动商品, 包装、袋子和标签 Молдавия, Moldova, Chișinău, bd. Decebal 139

Factory for the manufacture of medals, badges and coins from metal to order. We also make a corporate logo for clothing. Manufacturing method cold stamping. You can make 100,000 items per month. We have been on the market for 22 years. We make awards for state and military accessories to order. We also make table flagpoles from metal. Wholesale sales at low prices.