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USD 137.69 - 205.18/kg
We offer knitted fabrics, small and large wholesale. There are always monochromatic colors of the cooler surface (singing, cardé and OE), kashkors, ribans, interlock, footer and pique in stock. What is not available (including printed fabric) can be made to order in 3-5 days, depending on the production load and the volume of the order.
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针织布, 布匹及配件, 用于床上用品的布料, 服装布料, 棉花 Россия, Иваново

The Tender-Tex company specializes in the supply of high-quality knitted fabrics, as well as natural cotton fabrics for the production of bed linen, underwear and home clothes for the home. Cooperating with proven suppliers and manufacturers of raw materials and finished fabrics of both foreign and domestic production, we boldly guarantee high quality at low prices for products. Diversification of production makes it possible to restrain price increases with frequent exchange rate changes. Our business is focused on long-term cooperation, therefore discounts and promotions are provided for our regular customers.