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Our company has the opportunity to supply your esteemed enterprise Vinly-Iz Gloves Gloves of a new generation with the following quality parameters:   Volume: Truck max 24 tons Price: CFR Moscow 3.5 $ / 100pcs (1box)   Payment terms: 70% prepayment, 30% before shipment Delivery terms: By Truck 7-8 days . 1 truck fits 42,000 boxes of 100 pcs., In a large box 2,000 pcs. Timeframe: 25 days production + 8 days transportation Country of origin: Turkey   *** SGS inspection if necessary. We can cover these costs for the first delivery.   Used in any safe and sterile environment (cooking, cleaning, painting, home, hairdresser, hospital, hotel, workplaces, public transportation, etc.) Due to its flexibility, it completely licks your hand. Waterproof Does not sweat For single use only. Not sterile SML dimensions. It is recommended that you choose a suitable size for your hand.  
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Our company has the ability to supply your esteemed company Non-Woven Geotextile - geotextiles with the following quality parameters: Volume: 1x40HQ Price: EXW Uşak Kırçıllı grayish 200gr / m2 - 1.05 liras - price changes Kırçıllı grayish 400gr / m2 - 2.1 liras - price changes * EXW price includes VAT 8% Payment terms: 50% prepayment, 50% before shipment Delivery terms: By Sea Full Container Load (FCL) Terms: 20 days production + 5 days transportation Country of origin: Turkey Nonwoven geotextile is a fabric-like surface created by combining fibers that are much thinner than a millimeter, by stitching and heat treatment.
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家纺, 纺织品, 布料,无纺布及里料, 布匹及配件, 工业用布, 药品, 个人护理产品, 个人防护设备, 卫生用品, 建材及装饰 Турция

Unvers Trade company is engaged in the export of textiles and construction textiles from manufacturers in Turkey. We export fabrics and home textiles made in Turkey, as well as technical textiles, geotextiles made in Turkey