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USD 3.0 - 1000.0/个/件/只
Adhesive tape LP-911, LP-900, LP-421, LP-401 Double-sided adhesive tapes are used to join various materials in the production of advertising structures and branding design. Replaces welding, rivets, liquid nails and other mounting methods. Before gluing, the surfaces must be cleaned, degreased and dried. Scope: - LP-911 - used for mounting and fixing POS-materials and advertising structures, interior works and light loads; - LP-900 - a wide range of applications, suitable for joining wood, metals, plastic, fabric, glass, painted surfaces (including powder-coated) and banner fabric, decoration of points of sale, installation of signs, plates, manufacturing of pockets for stands, etc .; - LP-421 - suitable for any materials, including those with an uneven surface; assembly of advertising structures, installation of glass partitions, etc .; - LP-401 - suitable for any materials, including those with an uneven surface; for the assembly of light boxes, advertising structures, glass installation, production of pockets for stands, etc. Features: - LP-911 - suitable for joining low-energy plastics (polyethylene and polypropylene), resistance to solvents and high temperatures; - LP-900 - high initial adhesion, high peel and shear strength, translucent red liner; - LP-421 - the ability to apply at low temperatures (from 0 ° C); highly elastic base that can compensate for surface irregularities; maximum strength on powder coatings, composite materials, plastics; - LP-401 - creates a waterproof connection, resistant to ultraviolet light, retains the strength of the connection under mechanical stress, shock, shaking; adheres well to rough surfaces.
USD 3.0 - 1000.0/个/件/只
PET banner backlit - roll-to-roll translucent material. It is a polyester translucent film, which is covered with a moisture-proof layer on one side. A canvas made of flexible plastic has a special layer for ink, into which it penetrates firmly and for a long time during printing. Scope: - Lightboxes; - Light panels; - Showcases; - Exhibition stands. Features of automatic transmission Bildex: - Waterproof; - Possesses high light transmission and light diffusion; - Hygroscopic - tightly holds the ink during printing and retains color for a long time use; - Durable.
USD 3.0 - 1000.0/个/件/只
PVC sheet is an ideal material for advertising, construction and industrial needs, both indoor and outdoor. Foamed PVC sheet is a polymer material manufactured by extrusion from a powdery non-plasticized polyvinyl chloride composition with the addition of auxiliary substances (stabilizers, lubricants, etc.). UNEXT foamed PVC sheet has a smooth, uniform matt surface protected by a yellow co-extrusion film. Scope: - Advertising and design activities (production of pre-fabricated exhibition stands, signboards, volumetric letters, advertising stands and displays, vertical advertising structures, parts for light boxes, window dressing); - Manufacturing of road signs, POS products (elements of promotional stands, racks, decoration of points of sale); - Production of office partitions, an alternative to balcony and wall panels; - Finishing works (facing of window slopes and rooms with high humidity, filling of doors and windows); - Application of any images directly to the surface of sheets by silk-screen and UV printing. Features of UNEXT foamed PVC: - Printing on both sides is possible due to the same processing on both sides; - Stably smooth surface (the sheet has low roughness); - Plastic has a cold white color, which is important for the transfer of color saturation when printing; - During processing, the plastic does not crumble, the edge will remain even, when manually cutting the sheet, the stationery knife enters smoothly.
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