Set for creativity "Sweet cat"
Set for creativity "Sweet cat"
What to do if you are tired of pencils and paints, but you really want to create a beautiful and unusual picture? We offer to weave it from threads on carnations! A set for creativity "Sweet cat" is intended for children from 14 years old. A substrate with a picture is applied to the foam base, on which points for placing the pins are marked. Near each point there is a number of a certain color, which means that you need to take a thread of the corresponding color and draw it along the path from the first to the last number. The set is suitable for beginners in weaving: the algorithm for creating a picture is simple and does not require special skills and abilities. The kit includes detailed instructions with which the child can assemble his first picture on his own. It is recommended to weave a picture under the supervision of adults - there are sharp details in the composition (pins, carnations). Weaving from threads stimulates the child's creativity, develops imagination and trains perseverance. The set includes: - Base (18x26x2 cm) and foam frame - Background for work - Multi-colored threads - Stud pins - Instruction Check out other sets for weaving from threads on our website.

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