Set for making casts of legs Sweetheart
It is difficult to find the best gift for young parents for the birth of a baby! Attention! The Foot and Handle Impression Set "Sweetheart" with triple frame is not a child's toy, it is intended for adults only. Birth of a child - a huge event for any family. Babies grow up and change during the first year of life literally before our eyes, so parents want to immortalize these precious moments of the life of your beloved crumbs, leave a trail of charming casts of legs and handles for history, even a family one. Included in the kit for casts of handles and legs "Sweetheart" with a triple frame has everything you need in order to make an invaluable souvenir on the memory: • self-hardening polymer clay - 2 packages; • triple frame with glass for placing casts of legs, pens and baby's photo, size of each frame 220x170 mm - 1 piece; • wooden rolling pin for rolling polymer clay - 1 piece; • 2-sided tape - 1 pc; • detailed instructions for working with the kit. Please note , that the center frame is for placing a photo of your baby, and the extreme ones for casts of legs and handles. The thickness of the impressions should not exceed 6 mm. Clay for impressions is completely safe, non-toxic, does not require heat treatment and allows you to make several samples before drying. For obtaining high-quality prints of handles and legs, it is strongly we recommend that you follow the instructions for use, as well as several simple rules: • keep frames with glass away from the baby; • do not allow the child to play with clay, take it in his mouth, rub his eyes; • Before and after creating prints, be sure to wash your child's legs and arms. Attention: • so that the clay with the imprint retains the desired shape it is recommended to dry close to heaters or on sun; • the size of the photograph should be no more than 190x140 mm. The Tenth Kingdom is not the only manufacturer of kits for immortalizing prints (casts) legs and arms of a baby, but the first one to offered a "reasonable" price with good quality.

Set for making casts of legs Sweetheart - 25402

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