Coagulant Eco Matrix
COAGULANT ECO MATRIX 200 ML Coagulant Eco Matrix is ​​designed to neutralize harmful substances of various natures in low-quality water. Actual personal protective equipment - will help SURVIVE in conditions of complete uncertainty , and KEEP HEALTH in a hike, field camp, far from civilization, in regions with a dangerous ecological and epidemiological situation. Eco matrix is ​​used for: NEUTRALIZATION of harmful impurities in water under any conditions and circumstances by coagulation - "sticking" of impurity particles with a coagulant formula; FIRST first aid: in case of poisoning, for treating wounds (including gunshot wounds), burns, for blood coagulation and stopping superficial bleeding, instead of iodine, green ki, hydrogen peroxide, activated carbon; for treating the feet in case of fungal infections, for treating and relieving itching from mosquito and insect bites; for rinsing and compresses for inflammatory and colds; For BODY HYGIENE with active sweating, instead of deodorant and prevention of fungal infections. The volume of the Eco Matrix 200 ml will help cleanse from 100 l (from an open reservoir) to 200 liters of (conditionally drinking) source water. A plastic flask of an anatomical flat shape is convenient for any pocket of clothing, the 5 ml cap is equipped with a drip-jet dispenser. The Eco matrix volume of 10 ml will clear 5 liters of water from an open reservoir (in a ratio of 2 ml per 1 liter) up to 10 l conditionally drinkable (in a ratio of 1 ml per 1 l). The plastic bottle is equipped with a 2.5 ml cap with a drop-jet dispenser. Compact and very convenient in an individual first-aid kit. Consultations with the Company's doctor by phone: +38 097 863 86 36 More:

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