Hyacinth Water Purifier
Coagulant Hyacinth 330 ml, water purification at home A topical modern remedy will help you purify conditionally drinking water AT HOME or AT DACHE: with old pipes and poor water supply; in the absence of central water supply (imported water, old wells, nearby drains of livestock farms that pollute the soil); in case of a destroyed water supply system during floods, fires and other force majeure circumstances. Coagulant RELEASES poor-quality water from harmful impurities: suspended and sedimentary rocks, mineral and organic, protein substances, chlorine and organochlorine, surfactants, algae, including blue-green (binding oxygen in water and provoking the death of fish and other living creatures). IMPORTANT! If the water is chlorinated, use a coagulant without fail! It neutralizes organochlorine, which, when water is heated, forms an invisible poison dioxin that affects a living cell. What is a coagulant Hyacinth: is analogue of natural clay, a product of ecological synthesis for purification or post-purification of drinking water; branded PET-bottle 0.33 l will purify up to 300 l of water from any source; 20 ml sample will provide 10-20 liters of water, very convenient on business trips and field conditions How does it work? A coagulant (solution of an inorganic polymer), getting into water, selectively reacts to the presence of harmful substances (organic, inorganic, biological) and precipitates them by "sticking" impurities with the formula. The precipitate can be upper, if the impurities are light (gaseous, surfactants), and / or lower, if the impurities are heavy (salts of heavy metals, radionuclide residues). At the same time, useful substances are retained in the water. HOW to use: Add Hyacinth to the source water at the rate of 1 ml per 1 liter of conditioned drinking water or 2 ml per 1 liter for open water. Stir vigorously and leave to stand for 4-8 hours. The coagulation process is a completely natural mechanism that requires time exposure. It is convenient to prepare water for the night, it is very convenient - you are asleep, and the process goes on! When a separate layer with impurities forms, you just have to drain the clean water and use it as intended. For convenience to separate water from sediment with impurities, we recommend using containers with a tap to drain clean water. More:

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