Cubes "Numbers"
Cubes "Numbers"
Description Cubes "Numbers" are intended for children aged 3 years and older, because from this age, the child develops abstract thinking, namely, it helps to understand the principles of counting. The child's health. High-quality and environmentally friendly material from which the cubes are made , will ensure the safety of the child's health. Birch wood will only be beneficial, since natural materials have been considered the most suitable for making children's toys since ancient times. Child development. In the process of playing with blocks, the child develops Numbers: • Logical thinking; • Memory; • Fine motor skills of hands; • Basic numeracy skills; • Visual-figurative thinking; • Attention. Figures and the mathematical symbols on the cubes are bright, it will attract the baby's attention, and in a playful way he can easily remember the numbers and learn the colors. The reliability of the toy. Cubes "Numbers", undoubtedly , are durable, because they are made of durable and reliable material, and will delight your baby for a long time! Interest. The process of a child playing with the "Numbers" blocks will be interesting and educational, and 12 details of the toy will allow : • Pronounce numbers for you and your child; • Make up numerical expressions; • Build various structures: fences, houses, turrets, etc.

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