Installing WAGNER Sprintx AF
WAGNER Sprint X - an innovative generation of equipment from the European leader in the premium segment , combining attractive design, improved functionality and high efficiency Powder Coating. The WAGNER Sprintx AF is a powerful powder coating machine that feeds it right out of the box. This equipment is recommended for frequent color changes. Philosophy WAGNER - taking care of the efficiency of investments of our partners, and this principle is at the heart of all ideas that are embodied in innovative engineering solutions: Energy efficiency - minimum energy consumption costs (40 W), which is 2 ÷ 3 times less, than competitors-classmates Unprecedented low cost of ownership - only WAGNER has thought out everything to the smallest detail: you do not need to constantly change an expensive electrode holder assembly (≈50 €) and carry high operating costs, just replace the protective wedge (1 €). Double click function on the PEM-X1 gun - provides instant changeover to other paint programs without re-setting the control unit and saves the most valuable resource - time. Versatility - Your new WA GNER Sprint X is two premium rigs in one! After all, only WAGNER allows you to work with a Tribo or Corona-gun - just connect the accessory you need. And with the tribo / corona switch module, you can operate two guns at the same time, just by switching the toggle switch

Installing WAGNER Sprintx AF - 12198

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