Lace Braiding Machine  CMts-64
* CMS factory is staffed with a strong team of technicians and equipped with complete sets of machine tools, inclusive of advanced facilities and CNC. * CMS has a long history of experience in designing and manufacturing needle looms. * CMS has always been doing their best to develop new machine products while improving their old ones to meet the demands from their clients.   Applications: Lace braiding machines are used to produce various decorative laces for : high-grade dresses, shoes and hats, drawnwork table clothes, curtains, slip covers, bedclothes, toys and gifts.   Characteristics: Substantial in structure, high performance, durable, simple operation and maintenance, and safe; using fully computerized control system exact transmission, low failure rate; transducer-control stepless speed change, and convenient regulatable applicable to all kinds of lace braiding machines; all such raw materials as cotton, linen, nylon, chinlon, polyester fibre and synthetic fibre etc.

Lace Braiding Machine CMts-64 - 61985

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