Room stroller ComfortBaby Home
Room stroller ComfortBaby Home
Room stroller ComfortBaby Home
Strollers are equipped with wheels with stops and allow you to move the cradle to any place so that the baby is always close to mom. Sleek and lightweight, the ComfortBaby Home stroller is a universal solution for parents, who value comfort, practicality and style. In the handmade cradle made of natural willow, your child's sleep becomes stronger and healthier! Description: The curtain goes around the entire cradle and can also be used as a mosquito net; Material: 100% cotton, tested for harmful substances; Cover: 100% cotton (also suitable for allergy sufferers); Quilted mattress with polyurethane foam filling, 4cm thick. Suitable for children with allergies. Lined with cotton on one side; Large handmade willow carrycot; Lacquered according to EN 71-3, safe for babies; Comfortable surface for sleep 85 x45 cm Dimensions: Inside height 35 cm Dimensions 110 x 70 x80 cm Overall height 130 cm Supports up to 40 kilograms

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