Combed yarn 30/1 Ribana, Ribana 2x1, Kashkorse,
Ribana, or in other words an eraser, looks like a knitted elastic band. Whoever has ever done knitting understands that this is an alternation of front and back loops. It can be 1x1, 1x2 or 2x2. It is made of cotton, but lycra is often added for elasticity. Properties that are made from an eraser Eraser, since it is essentially an elastic band, stretches well. It is because of this that it is used for sewing cuffs and necks of jackets and other outerwear, turtlenecks and sweaters. By the way, about Lycra. Usually it is added precisely in the production of adult clothes, as a result, wonderful dresses, household items, hats, etc. are obtained. And what about babies? And in children's clothes, many things are also sewn from it: the same hats, dresses, blouses, T-shirts, etc. Another distinctive feature of this fabric is hygroscopicity. It absorbs moisture well. It also allows the skin to breathe, as it is made of cotton. How to take care of this material? Very simple: wash at 30 degrees, it is advisable not to wring out things by hand, but to entrust it washing machine case. When drying, you need to limit exposure to direct sunlight, but create fresh air.

Combed yarn 30/1 Ribana, Ribana 2x1, Kashkorse, - 18948

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