Bioorganic fertilizer.
Bioorganic fertilizer.
The GFO Group exclusively produces and distributes bioorganic humic fertilizer GFO L based on ecological peat for open and closed ground. Fertilizer is produced in liquid form with a high concentration of humic, fulvic acids, macro and microelements. The use of bioorganic fertilizer GFO L provides ecological production, an increase in yield by 20-60%, stimulates the germination of seeds, and provides resistance to diseases. Reduction of the application of mineral fertilizers by 30-50%, pesticides and herbicides , by 20-30%, which significantly reduces the technogenic load on the environment and improves the quality and keeping quality of products , accelerating their ripening period. Fertilizer includes not only fertilizer and growth stimulating properties, but also fungicidal properties. The advantage of GFO L: - stimulates seed germination ; - improves the survival rate of seedlings and adult plants during transplantation; - stimulates growth, fruiting and flowering; - provides resistance to diseases, reduce "empty" ovary and early abscission of fruits; - accelerates the ripening period by 7-10%; - increases productivity by 20-60%; - improves environmental friendliness, restores and increases soil fertility, ensures the safety of the environment; - protects future generations; - to reduce energy and labor costs of agricultural production; - to protect the health of gardeners and agricultural workers; - to help small and large agricultural producers; Has a deoxidizing ability, which improves the quality of the soil. Applying organic fertilizer GFO L - you are guaranteed to increase your yield, providing a tangible improvement in the ecological state of the cultivated land, allows you to significantly increase the weather and climatic resistance and the yield of cultivated plants and green spaces. We are interested in long-term cooperation with farms, agricultural firms, as well as companies selling microfertilizers, housing and communal services, feed additives for animals, poultry, fish.

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