Longlast Beauty Vacuum Massager Ⅱ
The Longlast Beauty Vacuum Massager Ⅱ from the South Korean company Global Gangwon Trade is a massager that made it possible to carry out vacuum massage at home. Longlast Beauty provides a delicate, deep vacuum massage without damaging the skin and blood vessels, effectively affecting all areas of the face and body. It helps to improve blood circulation, strengthen and renew the skin, contributes to the saturation of body tissues with oxygen, and increases the intensity of metabolic processes in tissues. The results of using the Longlast Beauty vacuum massager: Improving blood and lymph circulation Stimulating skin regeneration processes Increasing skin elasticity Eliminating cellulite Lifting effect Regenerating the skin surface Improving skin color Smoothing wrinkles Restoring facial contours Reducing swelling around the eyes Improving metabolism and blood circulation Strengthening muscles Relieving pain During during the vacuum massage procedure, it is recommended to use specially selected massage creams or gels. Vacuum massager Longlast Beauty Ⅱ equipped with three attachments Powered by 220W

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