Greenhouse window Dachnaya-Treshka
On a garden plot, a polycarbonate greenhouse is a very necessary and important construction. Vegetables, flowers, herbs and spices are grown there from early spring to late autumn. Polycarbonate greenhouses are strong, durable and perfectly retain heat. Greenhouses reliably protect plants from rain and hail, sharp gusts of wind, protect them from frost at any time of the day. In late spring and summer, the outside air temperature can rise above 30 degrees. Inside a closed greenhouse, the air temperature will be an order of magnitude higher than outside; at such a high temperature, plants will not be able to fully develop. To avoid this, you should regularly ventilate the greenhouse to provide plants with fresh air. You can, of course, open the door in the greenhouse, but there will not be enough air to ventilate the entire structure, especially if its dimensions are more than 2 m in length and width. Installing vents in greenhouses can solve this problem. The vents with a galvanized steel frame are perfect for full ventilation of a polycarbonate greenhouse, helping to create the desired microclimate inside the structure.

Greenhouse window Dachnaya-Treshka - 15518

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