Film for covering 6x9 m.
Due to its performance, the film has long been used in agriculture. The advantages of this type of covering material include elasticity, strength, transparency, resistance to environmental influences, environmental friendliness and of course the price. Compared to glass and cellular polycarbonate, the film is the most inexpensive covering material. The required film thickness for use as a covering material is from 0.1 mm (100 microns) to 0.15 mm (150μm). Despite its small thickness and weight, the film is able to provide effective protection for plants. Such a film will cover not only the soil, greenhouse or greenhouse, but also protect things and buildings on the site from moisture or dirt. As a rule, the service life of an ordinary film is several months, since it has limited resistance to impact ultraviolet rays. The service life of the film is negatively affected not only by high temperatures, but also by other unfavorable weather conditions - wind, hail, rain, temperature drops, etc. To increase the service life of the film up to 3 - 4 years, manufacturers use special additives. They allow you to create a more favorable microclimate for plants by absorbing UV radiation and softening the spectrum of transmitted rays. Volia offers a special heat-stabilized film with increased tensile strength. High quality is achieved through the introduction of special additives: thermo and light stabilizers made in Switzerland. Light stabilizers help to create a favorable microclimate by absorbing UV radiation and somewhat softening the spectrum of transmitted rays. The stabilized film from Volya has a greenish tint, distinguishing it from ordinary ones, and the corresponding marking along the edge of the sleeve. Recommendations for the use of greenhouse film: the substrate under the film should be light. Using film as a covering for greenhouses and greenhouses will protect plants from the first spring frosts and hot summer sun, and get an early and rich harvest.

Film for covering 6x9 m. - 15507

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