Kunststoffform für Gartenweg Universal Stone 60x40x6 cm
Kunststoffform für Gartenweg Universal Stone 60x40x6 cm
Kunststoffform für Gartenweg Universal Stone 60x40x6 cm
Kunststoffform für Gartenweg Universal Stone 60x40x6 cm
Garden path mold Universal Stone 60x40x6 cm A beautiful view of the countryside provides a decor that should be combined with the rest of the garden. Its main element is a practical and unique garden path or playground, which can be easily modeled and created with your own hands using plastic molds and a concrete grout.   An excellent solution for a plot that is decorated in a strict, classical or modern style would be the use of an unusual shape for the garden path Universal Stone 60x40x6 cm, the design of which is designed for convenient work with concrete.   It is a sturdy and secure shape with strong edges. Its feature is the presence of technological holes for handles, which is convenient when pouring large areas. During the first molding, special cavities in the inner seam are filled with mortar, which gives the form additional strength.   The drawing of the shape is two large and two small triangles. The outer frame is made in such a way that it can be easily docked even with molds from other manufacturers.   For the uniqueness of the design, it is possible to adjust the color scheme of the garden path with the help of various additives.   By making your own coating, you will be sure not only of its quality, but also of budget savings.   Benefits of using a garden path mold: Fast production - the solution is ready within 20-30 minutes;   Individual creation of a picture - the ability to add color pigments for the uniqueness of the board;   Saving the budget - only the purchase of materials;   Ease of use - does not require special knowledge and skills, enough imagination and familiarization with training materials.   Characteristics of the form for the garden path Universal Stone: Manufacturer: Hormusend Country of origin: Ukraine Guaranteed number of pouring cycles: 1000 Number of molds per 1m2: 4.17 pcs Pattern: universal stone Type: garden path mold Material: wear-resistant plastic (polypropylene) Number of stones in the form: 4 pieces Finished board height: 60 mm Finished stone height: 60 mm Length: 600.0 mm Width: 400.0 mm Height: 60.0 mm Weight: 1.0KG

Kunststoffform für Gartenweg Universal Stone 60x40x6 cm - 62654

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