Calcium Complex is a natural bioavailable form complete with the necessary ingredients to promote the best absorption of calcium by the human body. The biologically active substances of the components of the complex contribute to the maintenance and restoration of the natural balance of calcium in the bones, which is why they play a special role during the formation and growth of teeth and bones in childhood and adolescence, are indispensable for the prevention of osteochondrosis and osteoporosis in elderly people. The calcium complex helps to restore collagen and other important elements of the ligamentous apparatus, tendons and joints, prevent the deposition of calcium salts in the kidneys, joints, blood vessels, intervertebral discs, are of great importance for maintaining the healthy state of muscle tissue, including the heart muscle. Substances of the natural vitamin-mineral complex are beneficial for any violations of the tone of blood vessels, intestines and bronchi, improve immunity, are useful for hormonal diseases, caries, nail and hair diseases. They are good sedatives to help you fall asleep. The complex is used in programs for weight stabilization, for the prevention and assistance in combating allergies, in the diets of athletes during extreme physical exertion.

Calcium - 25070

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