Cocoa powder "Food of the Gods"
Cocoa powder "Food of the Gods"
Cocoa powder "Food of the Gods"
Natural cocoa powder is a processed product of cocoa beans. It is obtained by grinding cocoa beans in millstones after pressing the cocoa butter. Drinking cocoa powder stimulates the production of the hormone of joy - endorphin, which promotes improving mood and increasing vitality. Also, a drink made from cocoa powder contains biologically active substances that stimulate mental activity and increase efficiency. It is recommended to regularly use it for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, as it lowers blood pressure. In addition, the cocoa drink allows you to relieve stress and improve the condition of the skin (as it protects against premature aging and increases skin elasticity). And with all this, the cocoa drink is incredibly tasty! It can be prepared with animal or vegetable milk with the addition of various spices and syrups. So, dear friends, drink cocoa! Storage The product must be kept in clean , dry rooms without foreign odors, protected from sunlight at room temperature.

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